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              Welcome to the official website of LANDMEGA Furniture

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              Brief Introduction of Company

               Landmega Furniture Co.,Ltd., with the rich experience ,integrates professional research & development,production and export of furniture as a whole since ranked among the furniture industry in 1991.The company,located in the Qifeng Industry Zone,Lishui Town,Nanhai District,Foshan City,Guangdong Province,   transportation convenient,the environment is exquisite. The company covers an area of 42000 square meters and composes of an office site,a products exhibition center in Pazhou of Guangzhou and three large-sized production factories.We primarily engaged in the production of various staff charis,director chairs,visiting chairs,writing chairs,recliner chairs,bar chairs,sofas,steel folding chairs,computer desks,conference tables,as well as all kinds of metal accessories and products.The advanced technology,creative spirit and service concept of “Customer First” penetrates the whole process of the company so as to realize the perfect

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